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SSMLT Council

The council shall manage and regulate the affairs and business of SSMLT. Each member of council is elected and holds office for the term prescribed in the bylaws. In addition to elected members the Lieutenant Governor in Council for the province of Saskatchewan appoints two public representatives.

The Council shall meet at least three times a year with additional meetings held as deemed necessary.

Council Duties

  • Establish and administer policies governing admission, counselling and discipline of members
  • Establish and approve SSMLT policies
  • Approve the annual budget, appropriation and disbursement of funds
  • Submit to each annual meeting an audited financial statement

2020 SSMLT Council

President Ismaila Amusat
Vice President Sherri Sandin
Past President Twyla Pearce
Council Members Paula Van Vliet
Lawrence Martens
Roxanne Suchan
Pamela Nyholt
Tricia Koob
Jennifer McCulloch
Pubic Representatives Rhonda Bellefeuille
Judith Jones
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