Fee Structure

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $150.00, payable to SSMLT, shall accompany each application for initial registration.

Initial Licensing Fee

The initial licensing fee for practicing and temporary members is as follows:

Initial Registration December 1-May 31 $250.00
Initial Registration June 1-September 30 $150.00
Initial Registration October 1-November 30 $75.00

Annual Licensing Fee (Effective until September 30, 2019)

Licences must be renewed annually. Licence period is December 01 to November 30 each year.

Practicing $250.00

Annual Licensing Fee (Effective October 1, 2019)

Practicing $300.00

Late Fee

December 01-31 $50.00
January 01-31 $75.00
Renewals must be completed by November 30 in each year to be eligible to work on December 1.
Practicing without a license is in contravention of the MLT Act.

Beginning December 1, late fees are automatically assessed.
Any practicing or temporary member who fails to renew their membership by February 1 in a given year shall be required to reapply and pay the Application Fee to re-instate their membership.

Annual Membership Fee

Membership shall be renewed annually. Membership period is December 01 to November 30 each year.

Retired Members Registration Fee $25.00
Non-Practicing Members Registration Fee* $25.00
Honorary Members Registration Fee No Charge

*Non-practicing members that are on temporary leave are required to purchase Professinal Liability Insurance(PLI)