Date Printed: February 17, 2018
Membership Number: {%CLIENT: SSMLT ID%}

PIP Credits Report

This report shows the PIP Credits
SSMLT has approved for the previous 5 years.


{%CLIENT: First Name%} {%CLIENT: Last Name%}

{%CLIENT: Home Address: STREET 1%} {%CLIENT: Home Address: STREET 2%}
{%CLIENT: Home Address: CITY%}  {%CLIENT: Home Address: PROVINCE_CODE%}
{%CLIENT: Home Address: POSTAL%}

Total PIP Credits ALLOWED
(previous 5 Years)
{%CLIENT: CE 5 Year Total%}
Category 1 {%CLIENT: CE 5 Year Category 1%}
Category 2 {%CLIENT: CE 5 Year Category 2%}

Category 1

Category 2